Phone system setup for small business from Telefonext: Accommodates multiple corporate office and employee home extensions

Business Phone Systems

Telefonext is dedicated to delivering the best, most cost-effective office phone systems for small Canadian businesses. Reduce costs and improve productivity. We combine our tech-savvy infrastructure with the best in carrier connectivity to bring you a one-stop-shop for your business voice telecommunications.

All our Business Phone Solutions include multi-line functionality with a practically limitless number of simultaneous calls, both incoming and outgoing. A true Business-oriented System with no clog or bottleneck issues.

With all the advantages of unlimited communications, we slash your Phone Service Cost by using VoIP Cloud-based technologies and top-rated quality services. We will find the right solution to lower your bill.

We understand how important it is for your business to have every call answered. Telefonext’s priority is to achieve this goal and to help your business grow.

At Telefonext, we sell and install many telephony products and systems. Our dedicated team of experts will design and tailor the optimal solution to align with your business needs. Whether your workplace is large or small, we can help you. Our products and solutions are readily available and compatible with all current system designs and technology. Our proven track record encompasses a wide array of expertise in communications, adaptability to modern technologies, and system implementation.

Through its network of companies, Telefonext has access to many innovative communication products available for immediate installation. Promotional items can be reserved and installed at your convenience.

We are dedicated to solving and resolving all your requirements, and our work is not complete until we are satisfied that we have found the best solution for you. This is what makes us unique. We will be happy to transition you to a comprehensive and easy to use business phone system. Our team of professionals can arrange In-house or virtual training sessions for your employees. It’s that simple.


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