Professional Installation Services from Telefonext

Our dedicated IT professionals will install your on-site telephony switching system and configure your business phones and peripheral equipment to the specifications of your Telefonext Business Telephone Systems Agreement. Installation service fees are usually waived unless otherwise specified on your Agreement Order.


On-site installations provide

* On-premise or Virtual licensed Cloud-based PBX.

* Configuration of [#] extensions based on your agreement.

* Configuration of new phones/adapters purchased from Telefonext.

* Re-provisioning of most third-party phone equipment previously installed (additional fee may apply).

* User training on new phone equipment purchased from Telefonext.

* Documentation for new equipment purchased through Telefonext.

* Wall-to-unit Ethernet and power cabling.

Not included:

* Office wiring/re-wiring.

* Computer network troubleshooting.

* Power extension cords.

* Certain non-standard models of third-party handsets.


* All ports and power outlets must be active, accessible and within close proximity to the location of the equipment.

* Active Internet connection: Telefonext is not responsible for Internet connectivity at the office location.

* Any equipment not provided by Telefonext must be fully operational and maintained professionally.

* Installations are conducted during normal business hours. After hours installation arrangements can be requested under certain conditions. Please specify at the time of placing the order.


Professional installation services from Telefonext